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Palhaços d’Opital

Partner Hospitals


Partner Hospitals

Unidade Local Saúde de Matosinhos

Total Hours: 60

Begining Date: Oct. 2019

Total Visits: 12

IPO de Coimbra

Total Hours: 365

Data Início: November 2017

Total Visits: 76

Centro Hospitalar Tondela Viseu

Total Hours: 680

Begining Date: October 2015

Total Visits: 136

Centro Hospitalar Baixo Vouga

Total Hours: 870

Begining Date: February 2013

Total Visits: 174

Hospital Distrital da Figueira da Foz

Total Hours: 870

Begining Date: February 2013

Total Visits: 174







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To support our cause you can become a Friend of Palhaços d’Opital by paying an annual fee of 60€. This way you will be helping us making the lives of hospitalized elders happier.

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Clean Water

Our Team

Our team of Clown Doctors is composed of professional artists (Actors, clown’s, musicians, etc.), with stage experience and with specific training in clowning in a hospital environment. “To be a good Clown Doctor, it is not enough to create moments of joy, we have to be joy. It's joy that comes from the heart, it's joy in motion`` Patch Adams

Jorge Rosado

Doutor Risotto

Doctor Risotto is a renowned Palermologist. He's a stupidly happy optimist.
Cheerful, dreamer and an open dummy with extraordinary knowledge of things of no relevance. Born in Mozambique and passionate about chocolate. It has a voice and a sense of rhythm that should be studied by the National Association of Bad Singers (NABS).

Susana Gonçalves

Doctor Donizete Chiclete

Only half a meter high, she fills any room with joy, both with its nightingale voice and its curmudgeons. She is allways right and woe to those who insist on it, but if you happen to see her in a place close to you, don't forget to give her a good day full of joy. Attention! Attention! With a magical smile, she melts any heart, especially in her ukulele serenades. It is (very) grumpy but (almost) always as sweet as gum.

Beatriz Melo

Doctor Bem Haja

Dr. Bem Haja is passionate about pizza and dreams of one day being able to eat pizza with every meal. She is impatient and suspicious and very unlikely to be misled. It is always full of ideas, some of them brilliant, and some of them not so much. She is trained in human stupidity and loves to hear stupid stories. Her favorite pastime is to give back all the good things that are given in a multiplicity of ways and always with a sweet hello on the tip of her tongue.

Marta Rosas

Doctor Milla Nezza

Dr. Milla Nezza loves to walk snails in the wind and to skip. When she gets nervous or excited she laughs for no reason and is in the habit of getting lost and disoriented easily. Sensitive, dreamy, and optimistic, she has a heart of butter, but when she gets angry, she gets impatient, restless, tantrum and explosive. Some say that when it happens it looks like a hurricane.



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