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Jorge Rosado

Doctor Risotto

Doctor Risotto is a renowned Palermologist. He's a stupidly happy optimist. Cheerful, dreamer and an open dummy with extraordinary knowledge of things of no relevance. Born in Mozambique and passionate about chocolate. It has a voice and a sense of rhythm that should be studied by the National Association of Bad Singers (NABS).

Susana Gonçalves

Doctor Donizete Chiclete

Only half a meter high, she fills any room with joy, both with its nightingale voice and its curmudgeons. She is allways right and woe to those who insist on it, but if you happen to see her in a place close to you, don't forget to give her a good day full of joy. Attention! Attention! With a magical smile, she melts any heart, especially in her ukulele serenades. It is (very) grumpy but (almost) always as sweet as gum.

Beatriz Melo

Doctor Bem Haja

Dr. Bem Haja is passionate about pizza and dreams of one day being able to eat pizza with every meal. She is impatient and suspicious and very unlikely to be misled. It is always full of ideas, some of them brilliant, and some of them not so much. She is trained in human stupidity and loves to hear stupid stories. Her favorite pastime is to give back all the good things that are given in a multiplicity of ways and always with a sweet hello on the tip of her tongue.

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