Decision form of the efhco board on new members

The European Federation of Hospital Clown Organizations efhco was founded to protect and support professional clown work in a healthcare environment on a European level; in particular caring for hospitalized children, their families and other vulnerable and sick people.

In 2022 efhco consists of now 22 member organizations within Europe. Herewith the board approves to the admission of Palhaços d’Opital, Portugal as

new Associate Member of efhco.
Welcome to our European Federation!

Brussels, March 2022 Signed:

_________________________ Ivana Bacanovic

__________________________ Caroline Simonds

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efhco European Federation of Healthcare Clown Organizations – Drève du Pressoir 38 – 1190 Brussels, Belgium Phone: +32 489 257 005

Registration number: BE0.834.644.121 EU Transparency Register: 897362334010-17

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Cliniclowns België, Belgium / CliniClowns Nederland, Netherlands / Danske Hospitalsklovne, Denmark / Fondation Theodora, Switzerland / Hearts & Minds, Scotland / Hôpiclowns Genève, Switzerland / KlinikClowns Bayern, Germany / Le Rire Médecin, France / Operação Nariz Vermelho, Portugal / Rote Nasen Clowndoctors, Austria / Sairaalaklovnit, Finland / Soccorso Clown, Italy / Sykehusklovnene Norway / Zdravotni Klaun, Czech Republic
Associate members:
Clown Medicin, Sweden / Stiftung HUMOR HILFT HEILEN, Germany / Dottor Sorriso, Italy / Fondazione Theodora, Italy Pallapupas, Spain / Crveni Nosovi, Croatia / Palhacos d’Opital, Portugal / RED NOSES International, Austria

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