PdO on VHC

The Erasmus+ Project VHC – Virtual Healthcare Clown was presented to the public at a press conference as part of a meeting of all partner organizations involved in the project in Bonn.
In this project, an Internet platform is being developed as well as a training manual to professionalize Healthcare Clowns (clinic clowns) to online visits, in order to reach even more people: “The aim of the project is to connect clinic clowns, patients and clinics virtually,” says Mieke Stoffelen, speaker in the Erasmus+ project for Humor Hilft Heilen.
“We participate in this project because digital clinic clown visits can enable even more people with moments of ease that you can’t achieve otherwise,” explains Maria Bley, Foundation Director HHH. “So patients, for example, in infection departments in hospitals, chronically ill people at home or in places where no clinic clowns are in use, can also offer the offer of clinic clown visits – virtually. “
Paula Vilatje, Blue Room Innovation , explains: “This platform is very user-friendly for anyone who wants to work with it.”
“One of the reasons for using this platform for professional clinic clowns is that the platform provides a tool that serves to ensure the quality of our work as professional clinic clowns,” says Isabel Rosado, president of the Portuguese Clinic Clown Association Palhaços d’ Opital, the first organisation in their country to introduce healthcare clown intervention to the elderly.
“The VHC project is an important step in the development of the Healthcare Clown performing arts profession and is the continuation of the previous Erasmus+ Project “HCCP – HealthCare Clown Pathways” released by Soccorso Clown and its EU partners in 2019-2021, which provided the pathways on European level to the qualification for the professional performing artists who wish to become a professional Healthcare Clowns – says Yury Olshansky, the co-founder of Soccorso Clown – it is a valuable EU recognition of the healthcare clown profession which became an important part of a healthcare system.
Olivia Salimbeni from the Italian organization Spazio Reale Formazione, a specialist in EU training, adds: “This platform is offered as an open-source solution for all people working in this field of profession – that’s great. “
The associated partners of VHC project are “European Federation of healthcare clowns organization” which consists of 20 EU members, and was represented at the conference by its Secretary Ursula Fährer, and Dr Clown Dnipro, an Ukrainian organization of the healthcare Clowns”

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